Our Brands

ERER SYSTEMS® offers a complete line of the supreme quality elastomeric roof coatings and systems –highly reflective coatings, sealants, and adhesives—each having the capability to stretch, bend, and twist as the building moves. ER SYSTEMS® was the first to develop roof restoration systems specifically designed for its particular application: Metal roofing and walls, Singly Ply Membranes, Asphalt roofing, Spray Polyurethane Foam and masonry walls. Top sellers include: H.E.R, SW, 300, 1000 Plus, and OneStep Plus.
For more information, visit www.ersystems.com


permathaneThe PERMATHANE® line of adhesive sealants suitable for glazing, sealing and installation purposes. With outstanding UV resistance and long term durability, the PERMATHANE® brand is suitable for sealing a wide variety of joints between similar and dissimilar surfaces. Top sellers include 7108, 2100, and 5731.
For more information, visit www.itwpermathane.com


tacky_tapeTACKY TAPE® offers a range of tape sealants for aerospace, metal building, and fenestration industries. Its vacuum bag sealant tapes are the choice of leading composite manufacturers due to its secure adhesion and lay-up characteristics. In the metal building industry, TACKY TAPE® is the trusted choice for sealing side and end laps of metal panels. Dense, tacky, rubber-like compounds used for sealing and bedding vision lites and panels found in fenestration details. The tapes are specified worldwide. Top sellers include: 5142, 5126, 5127, and 5227.
For more information, visit www.tacky-tape.com


sta_putSTA’-PUT® is the leading brand of high-strength adhesives that offer the best performance and value in the commercial and residential surfacing industries.  STA’-PUT® answers marketplace demands with time-saving solutions and environmentally friendly products that consistently exceed industry standards for performance and quality even on the most demanding applications. Top sellers include: SPH, and 2001M.
For more information, visit www.itwstaput.com


pacific_polymersPACIFIC POLYMERS® is a brand of Division 7 Thermal and Moisture Protection products which offer single-source systems for design professionals, architects, consultants, and specialty contractors. Our fluid-applied deck coatings, roofing, and moisture barrier systems have been successfully installed on projects worldwide and are supported by distributors and contractors. Top sellers include: Elasto-Deck, and Elasto-Glaze.
For more information, visit www.pacpoly.com



The ACRYL-R® line of adhesive sealants set the industry standard for glazing and narrow-joint seam-sealing products. There’s an ACRYL-R® product for any PVC, wood, aluminum or composite material you are sealing. Top sellers include: 5430 and 5504.

For more information, visit www.acrylr.com


e_las_tekE-LAS-TEK® elastomeric cool roof coatings and repair materials are among the most energy-saving products available in the desert Southwest market. E-LAS-TEK® all-acrylic coatings are designed for use on most low-slope roof surfaces in good condition. Roof coatings are available for built-up roofs, modified bitumen, single-ply polymer, and spray-down foam roofs. E-LAS-TEK® products also can be used for tactical repairs and sealing roof surfaces. Top sellers include: 120 Plus, 109, 127 Plus, and 129.
For more information, visit www.elastek.com


For over 70 years, MIRACLE® has been a trusted name in construction adhesives. MIRACLE® products deliver superior performance with easy application while meeting the robust demands of the job site. In addition, MIRACLE® construction adhesives conform to stringent testing and environmental requirements. From FRP panel applications to sub floor and drywall, MIRACLE® adhesives deliver dependable results. Top sellers include: Lumber Lock and DSA 20.
For more information, visit www.itwmiracle.com